Surgical Accessories

A wide variety of surgical accessories are required to support surgical and nonsurgical procedures. We recognize the critical need for a clean, organized, and safe environment. Our broad offering of surgical accessories provides solutions to suit each individual preference, no matter the need. This portfolio covers surgical skin markers, pouches for surgical counts and organization, drape clips, tube holders and towel clamps for securement and a host of other products required to complete the procedure. Improving your bottom line does not have to come with a sacrifice of high-quality care.

Select a Product Family

Sponge Sticks and Forceps available in multiple lengths and styles to help combat the risk of surgical site infections.


Designed to secure drapes, bags, or any variety of materials to meet your securement needs.

Drape Clip

Conveniently secures surgical cords, drapes, and tubes with an easy release tab for repositioning.

Towel Clamp

Disposable Light Handle Covers provide a safe and cost effective solution for maintaining the sterile field.

Light Handle Cover

Available in multiple configurations, our suction tubing and tips provide the necessary balance of flexibility and visibility.

Suction Tubing and Yankauer Tips

Manage fluids and help prevent hazardous spills with our superabsorbent polymer that quickly gels contained liquids.

Allesorb Solidifier

Ideal for safely irrigating small wounds and secretions. Available in different configurations and sizes.

Irrigation & Bulb Syringe

Our multipurpose towels serve a range of applications throughout any health care facility.


Provides secure and sterile storage for instruments during surgical procedures.

Instrument Pouch & Sponge Counter Bag

Easily manage suction tubing and cords during surgical procedures with our one piece convenient design.

Tube and Cord Management

Disposable lightweight cotton knit blanket with premium soft-napped fabric for enhanced comfort.

Baby Blanket and Caps