Our Sharps Management portfolio offers a variety of devices that protect both the patient and care provider. Products are designed with protection in mind; encouraging safe sharps passing to minimize the risk of accidental sharps injuries.

A safer environment with emphasis on:

  • Hands-free transfer
  • Isolation
  • Safer counting
  • Secure disposal

Select a Product Family

Instrument pads are designed to safely hold surgical instruments for easy hands-free transferring and quick access to instruments within the sterile field. Available in multiple sizes, with or without transfer zones.

Instrument Pads

Conveniently isolates up to 3 scalpels secured in the “blade-down” position promoting safer sharps handling.

Scalpel Holder

The Alleset sharps pad provides a safe, secure location for the temporary storage of used surgical sharps, such as needles and blades. Resistant to puncture to prevent accidental sharps injuries.

Sharps Pad

Aids in the effective removal of tissue and debris from cautery tips and blades. Our cautery tip cleaners are x-ray detectable and include an adhesive backing for universal placement.

Cautery Tip Cleaner

Encourages isolated hands-free transfer of various surgical instruments to eliminate the need for hand-to-hand passing. Helping to reduce provider sharps injuries and safely contain delicate instruments when not in use.

Sharps Transfer Tray