Equipment Covers

Our extensive line of equipment covers help maintain a safe, sterile environment, protecting instruments, staff, and patients from potential exposure during and after surgical procedures. Our range is available in a variety of sizes and shapes to ensure all your needs are covered.

Available in rectangular and dome shaped designs to cover a wide assortment of procedural needs.

Band Bags

Featuring both regular, mini and kit configurations, our C-arm portfolio meets your facility requirements.

C-Arm Covers

Provided in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of applications.

Setup Covers

Consisting of several sizes and configurations, our covers serve a wide variety of x-ray cassettes.

X-Ray Cassette Covers

Catering to a broad range of endo cameras, we offer an extensive selection to accommodate your camera cover needs and preferences.

Endo Camera Covers

Footswitch, keyboard covers, and suture bags with adhesive closure for additional coverage in the operating room.


Available in an array of sizes with multiple closure options.

Remote Control / Handle Covers