Patient Warming

Maintaining patient normothermia in the OR is of paramount importance as studies show the risk of complications can increase when patients become hypothermic. Even mild hypothermia can affect patient outcomes. Our line of temperature maintenance products is designed to assist with the preservation and monitoring of patient temperature.

  • High thermal retention
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Multiple sizes and variations available
Passive warming blankets and wraps use a combination of materials to help maintain normothermia through thermal retention.

Blankets and Wraps

A full range of patient and staff apparel designed to keep both the staff and patient warm through the maintenance of core body temperatures.

CozeeTM Apparel

Offered with different interface connectors, these cables are compatible with most monitoring systems.

Temperature Monitoring Interface Cables

Assisting in routine temperature monitoring, general-purpose and nasal probes are designed for continuous measurements of a patient’s core body temperature.

General Purpose and Nasal Probes

Skin sensors are made for a non-invasive, alternative method for measuring patient skin temperature.

Skin Sensors

Intended to be inserted into the esophagus of anesthetized patients to transmit clear heart and lung sounds, and to monitor the patient’s core body temperature.

Esophageal Stethoscopes