Procedure Pack Solutions

When we sat down to create a better procedure pack solution, we did so with the understanding that our success would be dependent on one thing … the end customer. Our global manufacturing footprint combined with high quality, self-manufactured products, uniquely positions us to provide procedure packs which meet the exacting requirements of your facility.

What Makes Us Unique?


True Product and Process Verticality

We design, develop, manufacture and sterilize over 2500 components to continually provide more product innovation options to our customers. These branded products are completely “InSourced” controlling the manufacturing process, from raw materials, through finished goods guarantees product consistency and quality that is immediately recognized by clinicians and promotes ease in product conversions. Over 80 % of pack components we utilize are self-manufactured. This true vertical integration of components drives efficiency and standardization resulting in an improved cost position for procedure packs.


Global Manufacturing Diversity

In today’s ever changing healthcare landscape, redundancy in manufacturing locations is paramount to ensure a strong supply chain. Offering strategically located manufacturing facilities around the globe allows adaptation of supply chain requirements. In some locations, all manufacturing, pack assembly and sterilization occurs on a single campus further maximizing production efficiency.

GRI Alleset Production Model

Production Model

As supply chain professionals look for more ways to reduce costs, our team works to reduce internal inventory carrying costs by utilizing a production model built on the forecast needs of each individual customer. This model serves to eliminate costs associated with excess and obsolete inventory. Each carefully planned conversion has a cumulative impact on controlling costs.



With vast experience in the healthcare arena and over 10+ years of expertise in procedure packs, we understand the importance of delivering clinically acceptable products while balancing the cost equation. Our understanding of the market dynamics with this product category helps us to provide a true partnership, balancing quality with cost efficiencies.