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U Drape w/ Fluid Collection Pouch

Alleset’s U-Drapes are developed to meet the heavy-duty needs of Orthopedic surgeries; featuring a Fluid Collection Pouch.

Drape Dimensions: 35 x 30 in (89 x 76 cm)
Adhesive Split: 6 x 15 in (16 x 40 cm)
U-Shaped Fluid Collection Pouch
2 Suction Ports

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Developed to meet the rigors of Orthopedic surgeries; knees, hips, shoulders, extremities and more. Our line of orthopedic drapes are uniquely designed to provide a high level of protection and absorbency during joint replacement and revisions, debridements, arthroscopies and more. Specialty drapes are designed using our TECH70 heavy duty material.


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