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Laparoscopy/Pelviscopy Drape

A Laparoscopy/Pelviscopy drape designed with two fenestrations that specifically cater to your procedural needs.

Trapezoidal Abdominal Fenestration: 7 x 9 in (18 x 23 cm)
Perineal Fenestration: 3 x 6 in (7.6 x 15 cm)
Fenestration Flap
HydraGuard® Absorbent Reinforcement
Hook and Loop Tube and Line Controls
Armboard Covers

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The Laparoscopy/Pelviscopy drape features two strategically placed fenestrations, meticulously designed to suit your procedural requirements. These strategically positioned openings ensure access and optimal visualization during laparoscopic and pelviscopic interventions, enhancing procedural efficiency and precision.

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Weight 6.9 kg
Dimensions 58 × 36 × 30 cm


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